Kayvan Karim


PhD Student
MSc Sofware Engineering

About Me

I have a passion to learn and create new applications. I’m a Software engineer and consultant, currently doing my PhD research at Heriot-Watt University. This is my personal blog to share my personal experience. My Area of interests is Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Intrusion Detection.

Crafting Software for both web and windows is still my daily job. I love the fact that each project has its own requirements and that’s where I pick different tools for solving that particular problem and basically, that’s where I learn new technologies.

Another topic that I really enjoy is improving the productivity in daily life and I’m continuously trying different techniques to improve my personal productivity.

My first line of code was with Commodore 64. I got my first MCP in 2005. I blog about my daily experience on my projects so it might help other people.

Working out and  CrossFit is the way I keep myself alive.
Music is my second passion it used to be my job but now it’s my hobby I play Electric Guitar for 20 years.

Reading books, watching movies and TV Shows is my fun.

I’m married, have a lovely wife and a daughter and living in Dubai.