Kayvan Karim



About Me

I have a passion to learn and create new applications. I’m a Software Developer and currently Studding My Master Degree in Software Engineering in Heriot-Watt University. This is my personal blog to share my personal experience.

Writing Software for both web and windows is my job. I love the fact that each project has it’s own requirements and that’s where I pick different tools for solving that particular problem and basically that’s where I learn new technologies.

Another topic that I really enjoy is improving the productivity in daily life and I’m continuously trying different techniques to improve my personal productivity.

My first line of code was with Commodore 64. I got my first MCP at 2005. I blog about my daily experience on my projects so it might help other people.

Working out and  CrossFit is the way I keep myself alive.
Music is my second passion it used to be my job but now it’s my hobby I play Electric Guitar for 20 years.

Reading books, watching movies and Tv Shows is my fun.

I’m married, have a lovely wife and a daughter and living in Dubai.