Problem of running Mspec tests with Resharper after updating


After I updated mspec I tried to run my testes that used to work fine….
it turned out all of my tests were not running….
I got this error:
Method not found: 'System.String Machine.Specifications.Result.get_ConsoleOut()'.

after searching the web I found this post on stackoverflow. I cleaned the solution… Rebuild it…and nothing worked.


As it mentioned on the Stackoverflow post the problem is mismatching the referenced dll on the project with the dll which is using by the runner…
after 1 hour banging my head over the wall I tried to uninstall the Mspec resharper runner re-install it again.
I’m using Resharper 7.1 so I went to %APPDATA%JetBrainsReSharperv7.1Pluginsmspec…cleaned up everything… then copy Machine.Specifications.dll and Machine.Specifications.ReSharperRunner.7.1.dll from the Mspec folder to the plugin folder.

My tests are back to life…