Updating Anaconda On Windows 10

Anaconda is the heart of the data science stack. Especially when you want to draft or do some experiments with your data having Anaconda and Jupyter notebook is a big help. We have to update these tools once in a while. To update the Anaconda On Windows 10 you can run this code:

conda update anaconda-navigator

If Conda is not in your path, then you need to use the full path. It is in Anaconda’s main folder scripts:


so the code to run would be:

C:\Users\<Username>\Scripts\conda update anaconda-navigator

Don’t forget the replace the <usermame> with your username.

to update all the modules and packages also you can run :

C:\Users\<Username>\Anaconda3\Scripts\conda update --all

to upgrade Python version also you can run:

conda update python

I run the terminal as administrator to prevent any permission problems.

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